In an effort to enhance mentoring and communication, this Blog will periodically provide a forum for Duke University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty to share their thoughts on the various challenges and choices faculty face during an academic career. Modeling this after the New York Times Corner Office, we will call this the ECE Corner Office.  Often the first big challenge a young faculty member faces is tenure, and this is something all ECE Corner Office writers will address. I hope that the insights provided by our colleagues will be helpful to our Assistant Professors. There is not one way to go about getting tenure, and in the end we all must choose our own path. However, I believe that the experiences of our many highly successful colleagues will provide roadmaps and perspectives for the tenure process.  There are many other challenges a faculty member must face after tenure, paramount being the need to sustain and grow a research program, secure research funding, and branch out into new directions. Further, as one advances, new challenges and opportunities are faced, including maintaining a proper family/career balance, transitioning research to the marketplace, administrative roles, etc. I hope that each ECE Corner Office writer provides their own unique ideas and perspectives on how to address these and other issues, and that all faculty find the inputs useful.  Since our alumni, students and colleagues in other Universities may have an interest in these topics, this Blog will be open to anyone who wishes to read it.  We hope you enjoy it.   Lawrence Carin, William H. Younger Professor and Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University.